5 Best Tips to Write a Blog Content Which drives Users to Website

Blogging is an interesting profession where you need to encounter a lot of struggle to get noticed. Anyone who knows to handle language well can write a blog. But, just by writing a blog you cannot be popular if no one sees what you write. So, it is essential to make your blog optimized for the search engine as well as users. Blogs which can please its audience and search engine at the same time can be popular and get top rank. 

Don’t compromise with your blog quality just to generate more links or traffic. Give more importance to the blog quality and make some slight changes that have the potential to bring it to the top position of SERP. Every business adopts blogging as their marketing strategy. In order to be successful in this field, you need to know many things. This is a complete guide for newbies who want to be popular by blogging.

Number of users who visits website is a very important factor according to Google. They consider it as a ranking factor of a website. There are many other ranking factors also such as number of quality inbound links, user engagement etc. But organic inbound traffic plays very important role in deciding your website future. Just by following some simple strategies you can bring more traffic towards your website. Do you want to know about them? Read the complete article to know best 5 tips to write a blog content that can bring more users to website

Top 5 Tips For You

Writing is not an easy task. Blogging needs a lot of research and time. When you write about something give your 100% to it and make sure to write everything for your readers. They trust you and your blogs blindly. So, while writing blogs make sure to entertain your readers and make it informative at the same time. Here are some of the best tips for bloggers who want to drive more users to their website  

  • Write quality content

Everyone believes that quality content acts as a strong back born to the existence of a website. You all might be heard of this saying ‘content is king’. When a blogger writes contents, he needs to think about the marketing possibilities of the same. The initial thought should start from choosing a topic for the blog. 

Get good topic ideas from sites like Quora, Buzzumo etc and know what people want to know about. You can write blogs in an informative way or in a cool funny way. Choose a type which you are good at. If you can create viral contents your task will be easy when it comes to marketing. A catchy content should follow the rules such as:

Killer Headline

Headline plays a crucial role in increasing the number of traffic of a website. When you create a headline for a content it should be attractive and attention seeking so that users will click on it and see the content in it. To increase clickbait the headline should be something unique and create a curiosity in users. Don’t try to cheat them with an irrelevant headline. If they cannot find genuine content related to headline your website’s bounce rate increases and it will affect page ranking negatively.

Evergreen content

Content should be written in such a way to grab your readers attention. Know what your audience wants and give them what they want through your blog. You can understand your audience by connecting well with them. Communicate with them and know what they want to see on your website. Write for them and make them happy. If they once accept you as a good bogger your audience will blindly follow you. 


Just like writing a good blog post promotion is also important when it comes to content marketing. There are many ways you can use to promote your blogs. Collect emails from your followers and send them New letters. It should feature some of your best blogs they must read. You can collect emails through your website and send these new letters to them weekly, or monthly. When they check your popular posts the number of inbound traffic will improve automatically.

  •  Follow SEO and keyword optimizations well

Search Engine Optimization is very crucial to make your content popular. Follow all the SEO rules and optimize your content for the search engine. As a part of improving search quality Google only supports genuine contents with good quality that are intended to answer user queries well. Keyword implementation is the vital part of SEO. Don’t take it as a simple part.

Find out suitable keywords relevant to your content and implement them in the right proportion. This can help to be your content to the search engine result page when someone search anything related to that. Find out relevant keywords with less competition from Google keyword planner or any such tool and include it in your blog. Highly competitive keywords can’t help you sometimes. T is always better to go for keywords with less competition. 

Importance of long tail keyword and steps to find it

Long tail keyword was the major traffic driver before Google implemented Panda update. It can easily bring any content to the top position in SERP and help to improve traffic. According to search engine journal, they got an increase of 78% in organic traffic after implementing long tail keywords in their contents.

 You can find long tail keyword by typing a term to Google search engine. Here are the steps you can follow to find suitable long tail keywords

  • Type a phrase or word in the Google search box and you can see related suggestions in it

  • You can see suggestions from Google below   
  • Now copy all the long tail keywords and go to Google Keyword Planner. Paste them and start your search.

 You can see the competition for each long tail keywords. Include suitable keywords from it to bring your content to the top position of search result page.

  •  Be active on social media

Social media is the best platform to connect with your audience. You can be active on social media and use various techniques to drive more traffic. The type of platform should be chosen carefully depending on the type of your content. If your content is more visual the use Instagram or if it is to answer audience questions then choose Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. explore every platform and participate in debates and discussions that goes on related to your topic. This will make you popular among users and they will be curious to see the content of your website. This is a very good strategy to bring more website traffic

Include a Call to Action to your blogs and tell them to share your content. Google likes content with more user engagement. Also, it will be better to include social media buttons on your page. Users who like your blog can share it directly from your page to their social media platform. Don’t add all of the social media buttons on your page. Just include a few sites that have the potential to improve your website traffic. This will help to avoid further confusion among the readers of your website.

  • Consider improving the speed and mobile usability

You have to offer the best user experience to your readers. Speed and mobile usability are very important in the current digital world. No one wants to wait for a website to load in more than 3 sec. So, make sure to optimize your website and by reducing the image size and other unnecessary elements. Make the page load within 2 secs so that visitors stay in the page. Otherwise, they bounce back to other pages because of the slow loading speed of your website.

Just like loading speed mobile usability is also important. Most users search for everything from their mobile device. So, it is essential to make sure that your website works well with the mobile device. There are tools like Google’s Mobile friendly test to check mobile- friendliness of your website. Check and if your website not working well on a mobile device then include a mobile version of the site to improve the user experience. Both of these factors are important in driving more inbound traffic to a website.

  • Repurpose your old content

Don’t leave your old content just like that. You can repurpose your old content into a new form and upload in your blog. It could be anything like an e-book, infographics, screenshot, slide presentation etc. Change its look and upload it into the corresponding platform. This will help it to reach to more people and they will come back to your website to know more details about it. Repurposing is the new technique that every blogger should implement with their website. 

Final words

There are many ways to get more traffic towards a website. But those are some important points that can be more effective to get more users towards a website. Be consistent and relevant to be successful. Know your audience and write contents for them. Quality contents will always win the race. Give importance to quality over quantity and give the audience what they want. Analyze well and know what works and what not. This is the best strategy that can help you to know your audience and create content for them.  Focus on your work and market it well to get as many users as possible. So, what is your strategy to get more site traffic? 


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