10 Best Profitable Online Business to Start in 2021

It is 2021, things are very much digitalized now. So is making money. Gone are those days when making money is restricted to certain physical means, these days you can just effectively use your time online to make some cash. Currently, the internet business has proven to be highly successful; which explains why top tier companies like Amazon are worth billions of dollars and are publicly traded. There is basically no fixed way of making money online, that is to say there are different means you can use to generate cash for yourself online, you just have to find your niche and explore. Which is why in this article, I will be shedding more light on a select few of them.

Here are 10 best profitable online business to start in 2021:

  1. Blogging

I know this is  what comes to the mind of many at the mention of “internet business.” The interesting thing about blogging is that the industry is big enough to accommodate all, you just have to find your niche and excel in it; it could be on: body building, nutrition,  fashion etc. Buy a domain, develop your blog and upload quality contents that are SEO conscious; so as to build the required traffic on your blog. By being SEO conscious I mean employing strategies to ensure your blog attains online visibility to a reasonable extent; It could be by using keywords that have a high conversion rate etc.

There are few ways bloggers make money online; they are:

  • Affiliate marketing: In this case the blogger earns by promoting a product or service on their blog. There are companies out there that would pay a bunch to advertise their products on blogs that have recorded stellar leads over time.
  • Sponsored Ads: A platform like Google AdSense systematically shares ads on blogs that have made the necessary registration and the blogger gets paid according to the number of engagement gotten from the ads.
  • Sponsored Posts: An external body can choose to pay a blogger to share post(s) on the blog probably because they are trying to reach a wider audience and the blogger gets paid for the service.
  1. Social Media Management

It is no news that 90% of companies and celebrities don’t manage their social media handles themselves, instead they pay social media-savvy individuals to manage their social media handles.These social media managers perfectly understand how social media works and they are obliged to aid their clients in all engagements regarding social media. If you have the know-how it takes to manage someone’s social media account, this is an online business venture you should key into.

  1. Social Media Consulting

Yes, this is a thing too. Individuals and companies alike are willing to pay  professionals to counsel them on the best strategies to maximize social media to their own gain. It is an online business that has a prospect of good pay when you know your stuff.

  1. Online Coaching

These days it is easy to set up an online class and tutor people on different courses. You are basically earning by passing knowledge. People use video calls, WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, Telegram and many more others for this cause. In most cases, the students pay a stipulated amount of money to be part of the program. So if you are skilled or knowledgeable enough in a particular field, you can generate income for yourself by teaching people. It is one noble means of making money online.

  1. Book Sales

This is similar to the last point, only that instead of organizing online classes, you simply just publish a book and put it up for sale. I have friends that have used this means to make tons of cash for themselves. Before you make the move of writing the book, you have to be sure there is a market for it – don’t go writing on something irrelevant and expecting people to buy, you will be disappointed at the outcome. So, do your research and write something that is worth paying for.

  1. Selling Of Products Online

Online shoppers are increasing by the day; it comes as no surprise as it is an easy method of purchasing goods. You can either open a shop with an existing Ecommerce platform or you generate one yourself. Simply find a way to get the products and use the platform to generate sales.

  1. Freelance Writing

Writing jobs are available everywhere. It could be a research paper, blog post, memo, letter, short story, book etc. If you are someone that can produce quality pieces on any topic,  then you should venture into this business. If you are concerned about how  to get the jobs you can simply sign up with a freelancing website like www.freelancer.com.

  1. Domain Sales

This is one means of making extra cash online that you don’t hear too much of. Domain names are cheap to buy on some platforms; in which a popular one is GoDaddy. On GoDaddy you can buy a domain name for as low as $1 and resell to make profits on the same plaform.You just have to make good research and buy a domain name that has a high prospects of making you more cash.

  1. App Development

These days apps are worth a fortune, because of the benefit those apps offers. Once you are skilled with the know-how of developing an app that proffers solution to a problem – especially one that the solution is being sought for – you can develop one, proceed to pitch your app to the related industry and make some cash off it.

  1. Web Design

With the  high rise of bloggers these days, you will agree with me that the demand for web designers – who designs these blogs – are equally on a high rise too. With the numerous freelancing sites available online, it is easier to get contacts of those needing such services and getting reasonably paid for it. Distance is no barrier as transactions can be completed electronically.

So, there you have it, 10 best profitable online business to start in 2021.

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